So I'm building another K2.  This time I'm leaving it as a 15w Tx version.    It will have all the current available options except for the K160RX recieve module, and the K60XV 60 meter option which is no longer available due to Elecraft is no longer able to find parts to easily use the existing PCB design.    While K2 sales are enough to keep the rig in the Elecraft current lineup, the sales of the K60XV were not enough to justify the time and money for the small company.

For this build I will be doing many of the options first, and installing connectors where they will be needed.  However, in order to be able to test and align the basic rig, I will be creating was is known as UnModules.   These are plugs or jacks that have the proper component or jumper that is normally installed on the K2 PCBs, and that would be uninstalled when the option was installed.    In this manner I will save myself a lot of issues with desoldering, and burnt fingers.

This time around, I will be taking more pics, and will have pics of each option being built.    I plan to take my time and not rush this.
So, don't be surprised when you see new galleries being linked to here.

[2020-04-29] I had said that I would be taking more pics well, as usual, I got so involved in the build, that I forgot.  So there will be pics, just not that many :)      I also put it aside for about a month or so as I was winding toroids, and then realized after I did three, that they were wound backwards.   Backwards in the sense that the leads did not come out at the correct position for mounting on the PCB.    However, do to the COVID-19 lockdown, I finally decided to start again, and after a few false starts, would all the toroids for the main board at one time.   Now to tin them and install.